Vehicle Rollover Animation

The technical challenge on this project was converting survey data to something useable by Autodesk Maya 3D software. A product called TurboCAD was found that could read the survey data and export directly to Maya. The survey data was imported to TurboCAD, where it was drawn into a 3D scene. This scene was brought into Maya, where all the textures and animation were done.

The vehicle model was purchased. The underside of the vehicle is a photo of a die cast model of the vehicle. I did all the placements and timing according to a scripted sequence, however, someone else assisted with the actual rolling of the vehicle.

Modeled in TurboCAD and Maya, textured and animated in Maya.

Before/After Transition

This image shows an accident scene as it looked days later, during the scene inspection. This is the view from the vehicle as it sits at the stop bar of the intersection, looking left. The owner of the property had taken down the signs and cut the hedges way back. The client needed to re-create what the scene looked like before the accident with the limited visibility. As you slide the grey button back and forth you can see the difference.

Created in Adobe Flash.

Runaway Truck Ramp Fail

This scene shows what happened when the wrong kind of gravel was used in a runaway truck ramp.

Modeled and animated in Caligari TruSpace.

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